With over 2,600 students, Westview High School is currently the 4th largest school in Oregon.  A significant number of these students and their families spend time in and around the outdoor facilities, which include Wildcat Stadium and the surrounding fields.  Due to district budget cuts during WHS’ construction, many support buildings for the outdoor facilities were eliminated from the design –including restroom facilities.  The lack of restroom facilities impacts a larger portion of the community; as recreational sports and activities, plus club sports groups, frequently utilize Westview’s stadium and fields.

Our committee’s mission is to spearhead a community driven Facility Improvement Project (FIP) for WHS to improve the stadium and surrounding outdoor facilities. We have the full support of WHS and the Beaverton School District for this project, which must be 100% funded by donations.

The Wildcat PRIDE Plaza will feature the following improvements:

  • Restroom facilities
  • Entry plaza with dedication areas to fallen soldiers and lost WHS alumni and faculty
  • Storage facilities
  • Remodeled concessions stand
  • Ticket booths

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